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Nov 09

Election 2016: So What Happened?

Today is the 9th of November, and there are many many “what happened?” conversations starting around tables, office break rooms, and diners. Let me first say this: we have a new President-Elect, Donald Trump. He won the Electoral College and IS the President-Elect. He will be the 45th President of the United States. THE President. …

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Jul 26

A Special Day in History (and Her-story)

July 26, 2016… this is a special day in American history.Regardless of your political persuasion, your personal feelings toward politics, hell even if you are completely disconnected with politics in general… this is a special day in our American lives. A big glass ceiling – sometimes called “The Marble Ceiling in Politics” – is shattered …

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May 07

DK’s Quick Thought for the Day

  I did a TEDx talk at The George Washington University called “Politics with Purpose” – enjoy the show…

Nov 05

‘Twas the Night Before Voting…

Election Eve. It’s like Christmas Eve…for wonks. While most of the US population is settling in for one last day of ridiculous amounts of political advertising on TV, mounds of flyers and mailers lodged into the mailbox, and of course the voice mail filling robocalls that really fool everyone (“Hey Honey, come listen to this! …

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Oct 31

Nonprofits’ New, and Needed, Role

This week begins a new and potentially great era for nonprofit organizations, and by connection a new and potentially great era for our nation’s politics. This week will be the start of a new movement within the nonprofit community and communities across America. One that could make strong and powerful impact on how we are …

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