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Aug 03

Fuelin’ That “Creative Up Meter”

Hi InterWeb Peeps! First let me apologize for not having a posting since the Franklin Pierce administration.  Like most of us, the world and all it’s needs and demands caught up with me and moved this here space lower and lower on the “DK Do” List. What’s funny about saying that out loud is the …

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May 09

Top 5…Mommies Edition

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t picked out that card or ordered those flowers… STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW AND GET TO IT! WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?! DOWN MISS THIS! SHE BUSTED HER ASS FOR YOU ALL THE TIME. ONE DAY WON’T KILL YA! Anyway, in honor of Judith Helen …

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Mar 25

Tune Up Those Community Fibers

Community is what defines us, in so many ways. We are shaped, inspired, challenged, and even celebrated through out connection to community. But too often this shaping requires a little adjustment, some “re-shaping.”  Like Herman Melville explained, “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.”  I believe it …

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Mar 14

Band Breakup? No Worries, Just Go Solo.

We have all been there. A grant runs out, and so therefore does your program position. The company calls that “All Hands” meeting just so that they can tell you that the firm is about to “right-size” – and you’re apparently not the right size at all. Or your business partner starts whining to you, …

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Mar 04

Music Makes The Intro

A couple I know was recently on a vacation. Upon returning to us here in the Real World, I asked how the time was with their R&R. “Good, but we needed someone like you there. We didn’t talk to anyone and kind of kept to ourselves. You know how you are? You’d talk to anyone.” …

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Feb 07

Left is Right

Had to cut something today. Of course that meant facing the bane of my existence ever since that damn art time during kindergarten: the dreaded battle between my left-handedness… and a world devoid of lefty scissors of any consequence. 10% of the world is said to be left-handed. And beyond the constant worry about smudging …

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Nov 15

Top 5

Did you ever see “High Fidelity” with John Cusack? It’s a great flick. It’s about a guy who owns a vinyl record shop (for those of you in the Millennial Generation: music used to come on these black discs that you had to spin and place a needle on to listen to music… check with …

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Feb 03

Political Races Need Good Beats To Dance To

Often, politics is described as a “horse race” where the spectators (we the people) go to the track (the country) and bet on our favorite horse (the candidate) whom we believe to be the best for that particular winner’s circle (the office). It’s nice and has been used for years. Now, I have an alternative …

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Nov 18

The Thanksgiving Problem – A Soundtrack.

The other day I was heading to my cousin’s house for dinner with my super cool chicky-babe, K-Dub, when I heard a commercial on the radio. It was for an upcoming sale, and the music was….Christmas songs. Christmas. Christmas? Christmas! Wait, we didn’t even hit Thanksgiving Day yet, and the yule tide tunes were revving …

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