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Dec 03

Enough “#Pray For ___” and More “#Action For___”

I’m so sick of this. Our communities are in a cycle of “pray for’s” and I’m tired of it. Here’s how it goes: Some tragedy occurs in a community and it elevated to a nation story. We collectively pain over the situation, look to for ways to help/cope/share. A “#Pray For ___ ” hashtag starts …

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Jan 17

Gun Control? Community Safety? Whatever It’s Called, Keep It a Debate not Soundbites

Whoa… this gun control/violence-in-our-society debate is pretty heavy. It’s almost too much to keep talking about, let alone write about.  All sides of this topic are now rallying for what will be the inevitable battle of how this rhetoric, public posturing, and television appearances finally turn into public policy… and governing. And that’s when this …

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Dec 04

Perspective, Not Gun Control, Is What Is Missing Here

I live in Washington, DC. And although the crime rates have come down slowly over the last few years, there is a reality in living in a city like DC… people sometimes are violent to others, and often wind up killing another human being. Sometimes during crime, sometimes during arguments, sometimes out of a false …

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