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Jun 03

An Open Letter to the District of Columbia

Dear DC, Hey there my friend. Just wanted to thank you for all the incredible times we’ve had over the years. Since arriving in town at what seems to have been immediately following the War of 1812, you have been a great host and a roommate for me. This Jersey-born, PA-rooted, and NH-grown kid was …

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Mar 08

Snowquester? Noquester.

This was a tough last couple of days here in Washington, DC for members of the meteorological society.  Weathermen (and women) from across the region (along with those of the famed “The Weather Channel”) spouted off about the impending doom and gloom of a MONSTER March snowstorm, with inches upon inches cascading down throughout the …

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Feb 12

SOTU: Article II, Section 3

“He [The President] shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient” ~US Constitution, Article II, Section 3 Pretty cool, huh? OK, you might not consider the State of the Union as a “cool” …

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Jan 21

We Are Made For This Moment

Today is one of those days. Living in DC. Inauguration Day. Now, before you get all twisted about “ah damn, DK is gonna get all political on us again.” Nope. This isn’t about politics. This is about the United States of America. Inauguration Day is one of those amazing moments where our democracy, our democratic …

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Dec 04

Perspective, Not Gun Control, Is What Is Missing Here

I live in Washington, DC. And although the crime rates have come down slowly over the last few years, there is a reality in living in a city like DC… people sometimes are violent to others, and often wind up killing another human being. Sometimes during crime, sometimes during arguments, sometimes out of a false …

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Nov 21

Train Kept a-Rollin’

There’s something special about the train. Getting to the station, the sound of air brakes and engines humming on the platform. The “Big Board” of departures (it was REALLY Cool when it was the old flip letter style board). Through all the pains of travel, the reduction in relaxation, and the now ever-present state of …

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Apr 05

TEDxFoggyBottom 2012 “Changing Paradigms” Talk with DK

Big thanks to the crew and volunteers of TEDxFoggyBottom 2012 for a wonderful event on March 23, 2012. I had a great time meeting new friends and exploring the idea of bringing the nonprofit sector into the political arena. Check out my video… and maybe learn about the greatest sandwich ever made: The PB &B! …

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Oct 06

Occupy [Insert Your Favorite Town Here] Thoughts

DC in the fall is truly fantastic. And this comes from a kid who grew up in New Hampshire, the place with arguably the very best autumns you can find.  The weather has that cool to it, leaves start hinting about their color change soon to be arriving, and of course… Congress comes back to …

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