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Douglas Knight (“DK”) is a social entrepreneur, activator, speaker, coach, and overall advocate (some would say cheerleader) for the non-profit FOR-IMPACT sector.

DK is Chief Connector for Connect The Dots Movement, an impact organization dedicated to working with nonprofiteers, small biz rockstars, government leaders, and education institutions who see a need for new policy, practice and attitude in our community revitalization.. and that’s there’s a better way for our communities to connect the dots in that development.

In roles as staff member, board member, coach, and consultant, Doug has worked with organizations of various sizes and scopes, to best maximize their abilities to provide impact in their respective communities.  From “friend” raising to fundraising, strategic planning to event management, and everything in-between, Doug looks to bring passion and excitement to projects and campaigns with organizations ranging from mid-size associations to small, local start up organizations.  Doug’s focus areas include: Marketing & Public Relations, Board Development, Strategic Fund Development, Strategic Planning, Special Event Management, Social Media Strategy and Communications.

DK at TEDxFlint 2011; however sadly not sponsored by Diet Coke


DK grew up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; though his family roots are in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He’s an avid New England Sports fan, loves everything about music and musical history, and is a recent transplant back to Pennsylvania from 16 years in Washington, DC. In 2011, Doug assisted in designing, developing, and launching CForward, the first advocacy and political action committee (PAC) exclusively for the educating and electing of candidates who see the nonprofit sector as more ASSET than extra in their communities, as job creators, economic engines, and catalysts for change. Today he’s Chief Connector at Connect The Dots Movement as well as a speaker at a town near you! (he’s also ordained!)

For Booking for Speaking Engagements, Consulting,  or Coaching please contact DK at:

Douglas Knight

p. 202.577.7562 |  f. 207.433.3254


twitter: @dknight44  |  facebook: /dugnite

Psst… Did I mention I am also ORDAINED? Yep!
Happy to officiate weddings, civil unions, renewing vows, and any other ceremonies!