Nov 09

Election 2016: So What Happened?

US_FlagToday is the 9th of November, and there are many many “what happened?” conversations starting around tables, office break rooms, and diners.

Let me first say this: we have a new President-Elect, Donald Trump. He won the Electoral College and IS the President-Elect. He will be the 45th President of the United States. THE President. OUR President.

Most of the conversations that I’ve already been in are filled with works like “unpredictable” and “nightmare.” “Fear” and “repudiation.” Let me add what I believe has happened.

People was a disrupted of MANY institutions: the political class, the media, the alleged “PC-ing” of America….even the fear that the “change” of President Obama and his policies truly made did not affect “them.” Back in the 1960s, President Nixon called it “the silent majority” – but even before this, there was Andrew Jackson.

I’ve been thinking about this since I just recently saw awesome author Jon Meacham here in York. Andrew Jackson swept change into the White House with a message of the “common man” and a sense that the political types weren’t looking after “us.” This I believe happened again.

The “us” of today felt things like globalization, multiculturalism, religious tolerance, LGBTQ Rights, Geo-political institutions…all these Washington-insider stuff… never considered “their” needs. It’s nice to consider world affairs, right up to the point where your job moved away and you feel (rightly or wrongly) that some “other” took it from you, a hard working American.

The sentiment can move people, and it did. Agents of change must be careful about those who resent the change… then pivot their resentment into “counter-change”.. moving the pendulum back closer to “them.”

I did not vote for President-Elect Trump. I do, and cannot, say he any more qualified or fit for this office than I thought last night or for this entire election. But he did win, and he is my President now. So what will I do?

Hold him accountable. He promised what I feel are dangerous and outlandish policies and initiatives. Hold him to what he believed. Push back again your elected officials who now, more than ever, need to DO THEIR JOBS. Not to obstruct for political reasons (we went through 8 years of a Do-Nothing Congress who feared an African-American President and his voice of change), but we need a Congress to remind President-Elect that he is head of the Executive branch, not the CEO of a private holding company.

We – WE – need to hold accountable what and how things are done. Federal, state, local… all. Not because we are filled with HATE or DESPISE this man, but because our republic DEMANDS that of us. That’s our role in this. In it to win it.

Lots of conversations happening today in America. But the largest one we must engage in… is our ENGAGEMENT in the public policy stage. Now, more than ever, we must see that millions of our fellow Americans selected President-Elect Trump on the promises of his words… now we must shepherd those words into what we will shape our country for these next four years. Stay shape all, don’t bail out or revert to war-like “us versus them” tactics. But rather, hold accountable. And lastly, gear up. Because in four years… we begin again with a message of change (again).

Just my immediate thoughts…~DK

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