Easter 2016

easter in red lionTime grab your bonnets and egg-ready dyed water, family! It’s EASTER 2016!

Korey and I are pretty excited to be hosting this year’s gathering! And we can’t wait for you to join us for a fun day. SATURDAY, MARCH 26, starting at 3pm. We will be hosting at a very special (and cool) venue, thanks to two awesome people – Chad & Donna Ward!

The venue is located at 30 North Main Street in downtown Red Lion, PA! Literally 7 minutes away from our house!

Here’s our rundown of the MENU:

Crudités – OPEN
Cheese & Crackers – OPEN
KDub’s Bean Dip – OPEN

Turkey (DK/Korey’s got this!)
Ham  (DK/Korey’s got this!)
Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy – OPEN
Lima Bean Casserole – OPEN
Sweet Potatoes – OPEN
Corn – OPEN
Stuffing / Filing  (Judy / Tollye)

TBD (pies n’ cakes n’ stuff) – OPEN

Beer & Wine (DK/Korey’s got this!)
Sodas & Water (DK/Korey’s got this!)