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“Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You might remember me from other blogs like Chief Wiggum’s WigWam, and Carl and Lenny’s Bean Bag Fun Blog.”~

~ ARCompany: “A Letter to the Bookends (GenY & Boomers) Three Messages to Ponder” (12/17/15)

~ Guest Blogger as a part of The York [PA] Dispatch’s “” – Connect the Dots

~ Connect The Dots TV!

~ York Business Academy: “Marketing/Promotional Strategy” session (3/14/15) – COMING SOON

~ Google+ Hangout Panelist: “GenX Think Tank: Volunteerism & Philanthropy” (2/10/15)

~ Closing Keynote Speaker: York College of Pennsylvania’s “Lessons in Leadership” Conference presented by the YCP Student Senate. (2/23/14)

~ Speaker at The Hero Roundtable (Swartz Creek, MI) Promo Video:

[editor’s note: Sadly, the November 9-10, 2013 event had some A/V struggles and the video isn’t up or posted.. sad face. ;-(  ]

~ DK at the 2012 TEDxFoggyBottom (Washington, DC)

TEDxFoggyBottom: Douglas Knight

~ Doug Knight at the 2011 TEDxFlint (Flint, MI) on “Politics with Purpose” (October 22, 2011) [editor’s note: sorry for the A/V quality, some tech issues during conference]

TEDxFlint – Doug Knight – Politics with Purpose

~  Doug Knight on “The Big Picture” with Thom Hartmann (April 14, 2011)

Thom Hartmann: The most important message about Homelessness

Guest Blogging at YNPNdc:

~ Fundraising Starts With An Ask, Always (3/18/13)

~ Stay Focused and… Oh Look! A Penny! (2/7/13)

~ It’s Alive! The Frank-en-Idea. (1/17/13)


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