DK & KDub’s Wedding 2015






Say hey there! And welcome to the special section “” – your one-stop shop for all things associated with the big wedding plans for Ms. Korey A. Warner & Mr. Douglas Knight!

Here’s a few of our VIDEOS!




Ready? First, let’s start with some basics:

Korey Warner (KDub) & Doug Knight (DK)

A wedding, silly.

York, PA (home of the Articles of Confederation, Harley-Davidson, and well.. Korey & Doug!)

Well, this is a little bit different than normal. We would our guest to hold a FULL weekend to spend with us, so it isn’t just a single day’s worth of event.
So please consider joining us for the full weekend of Friday, October 9th through Monday, October 12th (we will¬† have things planned on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday… so hold the Columbus Day weekend)!

Why? Cuz we LOVE you and can’t wait to see you!

This place will have all pertinent info on accommodations, lodging, locations, and travel. In addition we will be sharing more info via social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) so you will be able to get ready for a fun (and uniquely DK & KDub) experience… we can’t wait to share it all with you and celebrate our special day!

So get ready for a wonderful gathering… project WINO (Wedding In Name Only) is about to begin! Stay Tuned!

Cheers n’ Love,

DK n’ KDub




  1. Jason

    Congrats on the wedding from a loyal TK little.

    1. dknight

      Thanks Jason! From one Little to another, I appreciate it! Cheers!

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