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Name: Douglas Knight
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Hi. I'm Doug. Some call me DK, just don't call me "Mr. Knight" - I feel 100 years old when that happens. I'm a child of the 70s and 80s who grew up in New England and now calls Washington, DC home... I love music, sports, and most of all having fun with family and friends. Cheers! ~DK

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Feb 07

The KEYone is HERE.

I waited. Patience. I took the hits from friends and family alike… saying, You STILL have a Blackberry? They still make phones? And you’re waiting for a newer version?!? Weirdo. Welp, jokes on you people… this kid’s got the KEYone. Thanks Blackberry. We’re friends again. ~DK

Nov 09

Election 2016: So What Happened?

Today is the 9th of November, and there are many many “what happened?” conversations starting around tables, office break rooms, and diners. Let me first say this: we have a new President-Elect, Donald Trump. He won the Electoral College and IS the President-Elect. He will be the 45th President of the United States. THE President. …

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Jul 26

A Special Day in History (and Her-story)

July 26, 2016… this is a special day in American history.Regardless of your political persuasion, your personal feelings toward politics, hell even if you are completely disconnected with politics in general… this is a special day in our American lives. A big glass ceiling – sometimes called “The Marble Ceiling in Politics” – is shattered …

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Dec 03

Enough “#Pray For ___” and More “#Action For___”

I’m so sick of this. Our communities are in a cycle of “pray for’s” and I’m tired of it. Here’s how it goes: Some tragedy occurs in a community and it elevated to a nation story. We collectively pain over the situation, look to for ways to help/cope/share. A “#Pray For ___ ” hashtag starts …

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Oct 02

A Mass Shooting…Again.

Once again, our communities are about to proceed down the road of discussing guns, gun laws, reform of guns policy, the Second Amendment… and then end up with a whole lot of nothing. The cynic in us all immediately goes to this sensibility, but that cynic is also that part of you that can remember. …

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Aug 18


Apr 29

Public Policy and Community

It is a consistent adage that there is no “perfect” public policy. You could argue things like women’s suffrage and reconciliation to right the wrongs our founding fathers did (or more accurately didn’t do) regarding non-white races (the despicable “3/5th” compromise) should be no-brainers… but still there isn’t perfection. Someone, even those simply living with …

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Feb 05

Re-Welcome to the DK site!

Um, Bonjour! And a hearty “re-welcome” to my little slice of the Interweb! Also, wanted to invite you to check out my other slice of the World Wide Web… my new venture called “Connect The Dots Movement.” Much love, y’all… -DK

Dec 04

join the .movement

it’s time to change what it means to be community. .com + .org + .edu + .gov = .community join the .movement

Oct 06

Coming Soon… A New Movement in Community Activation

I know, I know… that title sounds like a terrible movie hype preview (with that guy with the “in a world” voice), but I am excited to launch a new venture here soon. It will be something that combines the best of what is… with the best of what can be. Too often, our communities …

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