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…just another night at The Brickskeller (DC)

Oh, Hi. Didn’t see you come over here. Well, since you came by, I guess you want to know a little bit about me. Okay, how’s this… I’m a big music fan. Tons of music, different styles. Different eras. My iTunes is a hot mess of gooey goodness. My favorite thing to do is just set it to shuffle and let it rip… nothing more fun than sitting out on my mini-deck in DC on a hot summer night and hear the sweet sounds of “White Christmas” by Bing – followed immediately by Troy McClure in “Planet of the Apes – The Musical” singing “Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius”… haunting.

Sports are cool too… big New England fan, so the usual suspects here: Pats, Bs, Celts, and Red Sox. Since I’m a DCer since ’96 I root for my locals, especially the Nats and Capitals.

Then there’s the nonprofit sector… now THESE are the rockstars. Peeps who cut their teeth by working with purpose is a big thang with me, and I salute the work and its impact on community every day.  These are the true leaders of our little place I like to call the U. S. of A…. thanks for all you do, my Nonprofiteers!

That brings me to my passion… I am the Chief Connector at Connect The Dots Movement. I work with nonprofiteers, social entrepreneurs, government leaders, and small biz to find creative and impactful ways to look at our municipalities and communities, and turn them into rockstar kick-ass job creators and places n’ spaces full of possibility. So… what does that actually mean? Well, I consult on the fundamental formula:

.com + .org + .edu + .gov = one damn great .community

Love to work with you, talk shop, or just simply get to know you, your organization, and your community more. Drop me a line and say hi over at Connect The Dots Movement or on Twitter!

Oh yeah… bio kinda stuff. Born in NJ (Mt. Holly); grew up in Scranton, PA (and Taylor) as a super small kid; REALLY grew up in Portsmouth, NH (what’s up Clippers); went to Syracuse University, brother in Kappa Kappa Psi (AEA)… lived in DC for about 16 years… and now a proud resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Hello, Red Lion and York, PA!)

I like long walks on the beach, love songs by bonfire, scotch, cigars…and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days (thanks Crash Davis)… good night.

I’m also a big fan in connecting… so drop me a line and say hey.


Oh, did I mention I am ordained? No, seriously. I am. Reverend DK at your service! Weddings, civil unions, renewing vows…. Give me a call!

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