Jul 26

A Special Day in History (and Her-story)

July 26, 2016… this is a special day in American history.PHL-DNC-logo-jpgRegardless of your political persuasion, your personal feelings toward politics, hell even if you are completely disconnected with politics in general… this is a special day in our American lives.

A big glass ceiling – sometimes called “The Marble Ceiling in Politics” – is shattered and gone.

Tonight, perfectly backdropped by the City of Brotherly Love of Philadelphia, PA, the Democratic Party has elected as their candidate Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The first female to be elected as a nominee of a major party.

This perspective needs a moment to take in. I know. I know. Secretary Clinton is polarizing. She has an alarmingly high “Disapproval Rating” for a nominee running for the highest office. Who was once part of an “outsider” group marching on to federal offices with her husband, Former President William Jefferson Clinton, she has been on the large, national political stage for so long she is now looked at as “establishment” and “inside the Beltway” insider type… but the truth is, this is magical.

Her work for decades in the public sector is well documented. Her battles over the years for children, human rights, women’s rights, healthcare, the New York City rising from the (literal) ashes of our September 11th nightmare (and the resulting need to fight for ALL brothers & sisters who worked on The Pile and began the rebuilding)… you name it in the ending years of the 20th century, Secretary Clinton was there in some capacity. These stories are well documented. But here’s the thing:

This nomination is far, far, FAR more important than that.

SenecaFallsThis is for Senaca Falls and Susan B. Anthony. The 19th Amendment and Geraldine Ferraro.  From the unknown women of the Suffrage Movement right down to my mom, Judith Helen Sasala, and her journey through the 1960s, raising my brother, sister and I, and the fights she had to be her own woman through it all.

My mom might not be getting the nomination this week by the Democrats… but she sure as hell helped build the pathway that brought Secretary Clinton to this moment in time.

For a time, my mom was the single-parent household champion for us. Working (a lot), cooking, cleaning (with piss poor support from yours truly as a kid), driving to and from practices, games, and performances… she was it all.

Don’t think this night doesn’t mean much to a guy like me…. think again.

Secretary Clinton does not need to align with my politics or my vote… she aligned with the strength of my mom and the strength of our culture here in America. And for that… for THIS MAGICAL MOMENT… I am proud of our nation.

There are young women across this country who will now know of presidential politics as a “natural” and “normal” place for women to strive for, and succeed. How cool is it that they will take this as nothing but a typical thing in American democracy.  For the future leaders and for the future readers of this era of history, this will be a milestone and a date to be remembered (especially November 8, 2016 should Secretary Clinton trade in titles for “President Clinton”).

But for me… this is a night to remember.

Congratulations Secretary Clinton…. and congrats Mom. You did it too.

My Mom, Judith Helen Sasala, at my wedding (Oct 10, 2015 | York, PA)

My Mom, Judith Helen Sasala, at my wedding (Oct 10, 2015 | York, PA)


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