Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 31

Collaboration…and Dancing.

“Collaboration.”  It’s one of those buzz words that we throw around in just about every business sector and encourage its development. But  (and let’s just keep this between us okay) we are sometimes better at talking about collaboration than we are are doing collaboration.  Put it another way: A Meeting Does Not Make a Collaboration…You …

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May 29

The Only Constant is Change

Turning the page. Beginning a new chapter. Starting anew.  For some, these are phrases that bring emotions like trepidation,  nervousness, maybe even fear.  For others, transitions are something to be excited about. To thrill at the possibilities. To wonder at what is next. For me… transitions are inevitable. A part of life.  Growth. Hallmark moments …

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May 22

We Are Gathered Here Today

This weekend was super cool. I was honored to have been asked to crazy things: First, I was asked to be Godfather to my cousin’s first child, Zoie. (HI ZOIE!! Wait, how are you able to read this, let alone access the internet…or computer…or lift yourself up onto a desk?!) Second, I was also asked …

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May 16

Hey, Goin’ Out for an “Idea Break”

First, it was “Smoke Break.”  For those of us not into the habit, we would marvel at the conga line that was created once those two simple words were uttered in some Cubicle Kingdom in Anywhere, USA.  Assistants, managers, CEOs… didn’t matter. The call to light up was a beacon of goodness, and many followed …

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May 09

Top 5…Mommies Edition

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so if you haven’t picked out that card or ordered those flowers… STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW AND GET TO IT! WHAT ARE YOU NUTS?! DOWN MISS THIS! SHE BUSTED HER ASS FOR YOU ALL THE TIME. ONE DAY WON’T KILL YA! Anyway, in honor of Judith Helen …

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May 07

I’m So Sick of Dots

Dots. What a pain in the ass. They seem to get in the way of a lot of good. Now  you might be thinking, “Well DK, that’s great. Why don’t you lie down for a while a take a couple of magic pills of sleepy sleep and wake up ready to leave your fantasy world …

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May 07

DK’s Quick Thought for the Day

  I did a TEDx talk at The George Washington University called “Politics with Purpose” – enjoy the show…