Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 17

We MUST Be Better Than This (Remember Newtown)

At some points over the weekend and into today, it all just seemed too unreal to be real, indeed. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT is just too much for us to grasp, comprehend, understand… or simply envision. Seven adult deaths in a quite New England town would have been too …

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Dec 08

It’s Alive!! The “Frank-en-Idea”

It’s amazing the things you remember… and that sometimes pop up in the brain at the weirdest times. I was just sitting here, thinking about what to write with all the necessary preparations in place: Laptop? Check. Music? Check. Adult Beverage? Check. …then nothing. What to write about? I’m sure I had a bunch of …

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Dec 04

Perspective, Not Gun Control, Is What Is Missing Here

I live in Washington, DC. And although the crime rates have come down slowly over the last few years, there is a reality in living in a city like DC… people sometimes are violent to others, and often wind up killing another human being. Sometimes during crime, sometimes during arguments, sometimes out of a false …

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Dec 03

You Are Those Winds

Years and seasons change, like pages in a book pushed by the winds, Yet the story goes on, making its way to an ending not yet revealed. But through the course of time, come moments of loss. Moments of longing. Moments time become timeless. We traveled together for some chapters, yet now I see the …

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