Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 28

Calling All Statesman. Calling All Statesmen…

Ironically today, two topics seemed to dominate my immediate listening area: The Fiscal Cliff… And the $500 million Powerball drawing coming up.  It is ironic in that both, quite frankly, are (1) crazy to imagine getting ourselves into; and (2) ruled by promises of how best to save and spend what’s allegedly there. But this …

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Nov 28

Snow Means So Long Fall, Hello Winter

Winter can on today. For some of you this already happened. But for me, today was the day. I woke up and looked out the window to find a snowy scene of fresh white dots streaking across the window line, covering a tree framed right in my line of sight.  And I was both excited …

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Nov 26

Nonprofit Sector Just Needs a Little Re-Branding

For far too long, the nonprofit sector of American community and business has been marginalized to an afterthought in so many ways.  Often, those who are themselves a part of this very sector, they are the ones who actually cause it the most challenge.  Through bad perceptions, incorrect information, fear of reactions from the larger …

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Nov 21

Train Kept a-Rollin’

There’s something special about the train. Getting to the station, the sound of air brakes and engines humming on the platform. The “Big Board” of departures (it was REALLY Cool when it was the old flip letter style board). Through all the pains of travel, the reduction in relaxation, and the now ever-present state of …

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Nov 19

Dear Kris, Take November Off

If you recall from my thoughts about a year ago, I suggested that one of the problems with my absolute favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is based on not having a solid soundtrack. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also state the obvious here: Capitalism kills the Turkey. “Black Friday” is now “Black Immediately-Following-Your-Turkey-Induced-Nap-And-Second-NFL-Game” Thursday …

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Nov 15

Top 5

Did you ever see “High Fidelity” with John Cusack? It’s a great flick. It’s about a guy who owns a vinyl record shop (for those of you in the Millennial Generation: music used to come on these black discs that you had to spin and place a needle on to listen to music… check with …

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Nov 08

A Little Thing Called Democracy

Look, I’m not gonna lie. I LOVE politics. I know it has become a money-grubbing, “he said/he said/no one said correctly” kind of game. It’s sometimes petty. It’s very often a bunch of millionaires backing the candidacy of fellow millionaires dealing with issues none of them probably ever dealt with (like a low paying job, …

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Nov 05

‘Twas the Night Before Voting…

Election Eve. It’s like Christmas Eve…for wonks. While most of the US population is settling in for one last day of ridiculous amounts of political advertising on TV, mounds of flyers and mailers lodged into the mailbox, and of course the voice mail filling robocalls that really fool everyone (“Hey Honey, come listen to this! …

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Nov 04

Startin’ Up..Again.

(Note: I’m “writing” this with my fancy-smacy “Dragon” voice program, so sorry for the weird punctutions – or lack thereof – coming up) You know the funny thing is? I love to write. Making that ironic is the fact that about the time I started a blog, I stopped writing daily. If  there’s one thing …

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