Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 31

Nonprofits’ New, and Needed, Role

This week begins a new and potentially great era for nonprofit organizations, and by connection a new and potentially great era for our nation’s politics. This week will be the start of a new movement within the nonprofit community and communities across America. One that could make strong and powerful impact on how we are …

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Oct 29

Baseball Proves with Fall Classic 2011 That It Still Matters

OK, full disclosure. I am a Boston Red Sox fan. And what does that mean in 2011? Well, it basically means I am pretty much glad the season is over. After an epic and historic fall in September, my feelings about baseball were one of “next year” – that is until the 2011 World Series …

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Oct 23

TEDxFlint – Letter Ps everywhere!

Had a blast at TEDxFlint this past weekend. Got to share the experience with my #1, Ms. Korey “KDub” Warner, and we met tons of new buds, great speakers, and a wonderful team who made the event a real success – now about my Prezi… hmmmm.. (well remember, Murphy’s Law says “Murphy will come. And …

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Oct 19

Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit

Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit. Big thanks to for this fantastic essay on us Gen Xers… enjoy fellow Xers! ~DK   P.S. proper attribution…

Oct 18

Happy Birthday, Dad. Miss You and Love You More.

Martin J. Knight

Oct 18

A “DK Quick List” – Three People From History to Dine With

1. Benjamin Franklin – This is THE guy for me in our nation’s history. He truly represents all that is American in our development as a country (which is ironic since all he really wanted was to be accepted by his English cousins back in London)… statesman, diplomat, inventor, businessman, socialite, rockstar… he had it …

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Oct 17

Dr. King’s Dream is Still Our Dream

MLK Memorial

MLK Memorial, The National Mall, Washington DC An Earthquake. Hurricane Irene. Nothing – nothing – was going to hold off a momentous day like the one that took place today here in DC… the formal dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. On a beautiful fall day in Washington,  it was time for Dr. …

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Oct 07

Think Different. Thank Steve Jobs.

Here\’s to the Crazy Ones, Apple Ad (Steve Jobs with voice over)

Oct 06

Occupy [Insert Your Favorite Town Here] Thoughts

DC in the fall is truly fantastic. And this comes from a kid who grew up in New Hampshire, the place with arguably the very best autumns you can find.  The weather has that cool to it, leaves start hinting about their color change soon to be arriving, and of course… Congress comes back to …

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