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Jan 31

What’s in a Name Anyway?

Nonprofit. Not-for-profit. Charities. Charitable Organizations. Man, are these the worst names for a sector.  The idea that a collective group would get together and say, “You know what? When we think of a name, we really should define ourselves in the negative. I mean, it would make us stand out, wouldn’t you think?” Think about …

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Nov 26

Nonprofit Sector Just Needs a Little Re-Branding

For far too long, the nonprofit sector of American community and business has been marginalized to an afterthought in so many ways.  Often, those who are themselves a part of this very sector, they are the ones who actually cause it the most challenge.  Through bad perceptions, incorrect information, fear of reactions from the larger …

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Apr 05

TEDxFoggyBottom 2012 “Changing Paradigms” Talk with DK

Big thanks to the crew and volunteers of TEDxFoggyBottom 2012 for a wonderful event on March 23, 2012. I had a great time meeting new friends and exploring the idea of bringing the nonprofit sector into the political arena. Check out my video… and maybe learn about the greatest sandwich ever made: The PB &B! …

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Feb 03

Political Races Need Good Beats To Dance To

Often, politics is described as a “horse race” where the spectators (we the people) go to the track (the country) and bet on our favorite horse (the candidate) whom we believe to be the best for that particular winner’s circle (the office). It’s nice and has been used for years. Now, I have an alternative …

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Oct 31

Nonprofits’ New, and Needed, Role

This week begins a new and potentially great era for nonprofit organizations, and by connection a new and potentially great era for our nation’s politics. This week will be the start of a new movement within the nonprofit community and communities across America. One that could make strong and powerful impact on how we are …

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Oct 23

TEDxFlint – Letter Ps everywhere!

Had a blast at TEDxFlint this past weekend. Got to share the experience with my #1, Ms. Korey “KDub” Warner, and we met tons of new buds, great speakers, and a wonderful team who made the event a real success – now about my Prezi… hmmmm.. (well remember, Murphy’s Law says “Murphy will come. And …

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