Oct 10

Schreiber/Stevens Pool 2012 – “Baby Got Bucks, Part II”

“C’mon! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!”

UPDATE (10/20/12): Well hello, kid… welcome to the family.

Here’s the stats on our newest rockstar. Please welcome:


Born: October 20, 2012

7 lbs. 8.9oz. / 21″

7:29pm EST




So first…. WELCOME TO THE CLUB BRILEY!!! We are SO pleased to have you in the clan…. Salute n’ Cheers to you and your parents, Casey and Greg!!

And secondly… who are the big winners?!!?!?

Well of course the top spot is BRILEY herself because: (1) she was BORN today; and (2) she get most of the loot.

But who else is a winner?

Judy Kapinus wins with the Letter Draft selection of “B”

No one had the 7pm-8pm time slot, so that goes to Briley.

Team LUCY with the victory, so please give a big hand to:

Grandma Schreiber

Grandpa Schreiber

Aiden…. and your friendly neighborhood Reverend DK!! (More on this later)

And of course no one had “Briley” in the trump card selection, so again, props to Greg & Casey for such a COOL SCHOOL name!  We love you guys, Casey and Greg…. congrats to you and to your new addition to the family! LOVE YOU!!! –DK


Well hi  there. Welcome to the spot where dreams are shattered, and some little kid gets some dough. It’s the old family baby pool, this time for the soon-to-be-little-tyke of Greg and Casey Schreiber… Here’s what we have so far below.

You have until FRIDAY, October 12 to make any adjustments (If you want to change your time slot or letter)… you can ask for a change, but ONLY IF IT’S OPEN. YOU CAN’T TAKE A SELECTED TIME SLOT OR LETTER

These are in no order – just the way I’m typing them in:


Player                                           Time Slot                     Letter          Sex                  Trump Card Name

*Korey                                             2:00am-3:00am        G                 M                      Grayson (will also accept “Greyson”)

*Salena                                          4:00pm-5:00pm         C                 M                      Christian

*Sandie                                          3:00pm-4:00pm         D                 M                      Dale

*Judy                                               8:00pm-9:00pm         B                 M                      Blake

Grammy Schreiber                   10:00pm-11:00pm       A                 F                      Alyssa

Grampa Schreiber                    6:00pm-7:00pm           E                F                        Emma

*Jacki-O                                        8:00am-9:00am           R                 M                      Geoffrey (will also accept “Jeffrey”)

*Officer T.A. Stevens                   4:00am-5:00am            N              M                       Nicholas (will also accept “Nick”)

*Ashley Schreiber                        9:00pm-10:00pm        J                   M                    Jimmer

*Ramie                                         5:00am-6:00am          T                    M                       Colin

*Aiden Schreiber                       1:00am-2:00am             —                  F                         Ella

Logan                                       10:00am-11:00am        L                   —                       Jordan

*Grammy Stevens                    9:00am-10:00am          P                 M                         Oliver

*Grandpa Stevens                    5:00pm-6:00pm            M                 M                         Rory

*Reverend DK                           12:00n-1:00pm              K                  F                       Olivia

What I did was take all your suggested time slots & letters and created this list. If your choices were available, you got them. If they weren’t open, you were given ones that were randomly selected.

For times, the pool was the complete 24 hour cycle, so if your time slot was available… you got your choice. If they weren’t then I want into the hat and pulled a time slot for you.

For letter, the pool was the same… using all 26 letters and those who said “yes, I’m in” I created a draft listing.When your name came up, IF your letter suggested was open… you got your choice. If your letter wasn’t open (took by someone before you), I pulled a random letter from the open letter remaining in the hat.

You have a chance to change anything here… but ASAP. Email me (douglasknight@hotmail.com) or call/text (202-577-7562)

The Baby Timer is a-ticking!


  1. Ramie

    Congrats Casey, Gweg, & Briley!!!!! You should get all the loot too as nobody won!!!!!

  2. Ramie

    Congrats Casey, Gweg, & Briley!!!!! You should get all the loot too as nobody won!!!!!

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