Oct 29

Paging DK. Mr. DK. Please Report to Your Blog.

In the immortal words of President William Jefferson Clinton, “I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinsky.”


Wait, what?

No, what I meant to say was “I’m sorry.” (Something the former President might have considered at the time of the above quote and presidential “wag o’ the finger”)…

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. ┬áThis is where many would throw out a list of reasons like moving, new client work, a new house, tons of speaking/working gigs, etc. But not me. Nope. Won’t do it.

I’ll just say I hope to get back on the writing horse here again and ride off into the prose sunset.. or something.

Anyway, thank you for hanging in there and enjoying the ride with me… Cheers to you all!

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