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Name: Douglas Knight
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Hi. I'm Doug. Some call me DK, just don't call me "Mr. Knight" - I feel 100 years old when that happens. I'm a child of the 70s and 80s who grew up in New England and now calls Washington, DC home... I love music, sports, and most of all having fun with family and friends. Cheers! ~DK

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Feb 17

Phased In For A Bite (Blue Moon in downtown York, PA)

Time to hit the streets and find a place to nosh. Myself and my dining partner (aka “My Better Half”) went looking for that special combo that one often strives to find: a place that buzzes a bit with the sound of fun and energy, and combines a great evening out with yummy food… Walking …

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Nov 02

#Heroes Wanted

This week I will be shipping off the Flint, Michigan where I will be honored to be one of the presenters at an extraordinary event: The Hero Round Table.  This Saturday and Sunday (Nov 9-10) speakers from many different industries and disciplines will come together and talk about Heroes.  This event is arguably, as the …

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Oct 29

Paging DK. Mr. DK. Please Report to Your Blog.

In the immortal words of President William Jefferson Clinton, “I did not have sex with that woman… Miss Lewinsky.” Wait, what? No, what I meant to say was “I’m sorry.” (Something the former President might have considered at the time of the above quote and presidential “wag o’ the finger”)… I’m sorry I haven’t been …

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Aug 03

Fuelin’ That “Creative Up Meter”

Hi InterWeb Peeps! First let me apologize for not having a posting since the Franklin Pierce administration.  Like most of us, the world and all it’s needs and demands caught up with me and moved this here space lower and lower on the “DK Do” List. What’s funny about saying that out loud is the …

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Jun 11

Time for a S-T-R-E-T-C-H

“Measure Twice, Cut Once.”  I use this phrase more often than an NSA official uses the phrase “Can you hear me now, Verizon?” (sorry Mr. President, but really…oh, and for those of you monitoring me, I was just kidding about the whole NSA/Verizon tapping thing I just mentioned). I have been known to be “that …

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Jun 03

An Open Letter to the District of Columbia

Dear DC, Hey there my friend. Just wanted to thank you for all the incredible times we’ve had over the years. Since arriving in town at what seems to have been immediately following the War of 1812, you have been a great host and a roommate for me. This Jersey-born, PA-rooted, and NH-grown kid was …

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May 31

Collaboration…and Dancing.

“Collaboration.”  It’s one of those buzz words that we throw around in just about every business sector and encourage its development. But  (and let’s just keep this between us okay) we are sometimes better at talking about collaboration than we are are doing collaboration.  Put it another way: A Meeting Does Not Make a Collaboration…You …

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May 29

The Only Constant is Change

Turning the page. Beginning a new chapter. Starting anew.  For some, these are phrases that bring emotions like trepidation,  nervousness, maybe even fear.  For others, transitions are something to be excited about. To thrill at the possibilities. To wonder at what is next. For me… transitions are inevitable. A part of life.  Growth. Hallmark moments …

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May 22

We Are Gathered Here Today

This weekend was super cool. I was honored to have been asked to crazy things: First, I was asked to be Godfather to my cousin’s first child, Zoie. (HI ZOIE!! Wait, how are you able to read this, let alone access the internet…or computer…or lift yourself up onto a desk?!) Second, I was also asked …

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May 16

Hey, Goin’ Out for an “Idea Break”

First, it was “Smoke Break.”  For those of us not into the habit, we would marvel at the conga line that was created once those two simple words were uttered in some Cubicle Kingdom in Anywhere, USA.  Assistants, managers, CEOs… didn’t matter. The call to light up was a beacon of goodness, and many followed …

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