Nov 08

A Little Thing Called Democracy

Nothing Better…

Look, I’m not gonna lie. I LOVE politics. I know it has become a money-grubbing, “he said/he said/no one said correctly” kind of game. It’s sometimes petty. It’s very often a bunch of millionaires backing the candidacy of fellow millionaires dealing with issues none of them probably ever dealt with (like a low paying job, or no healthcare, or day care for kids… you know, regular life stuff). It gets tiresome with the “falsehoods” (what us normal people call “lies”) and most of the people we are seeing wanting positions of power we seem to not trust as far as we can throw their trust fund account books or campaign slush funds.

But then…. we have Election Day.

And then I am re-energized with the pride I feel about my country, and most importantly are commitment to our rights as citizens of this nation.

I mean think about it. We all get to vote. Every one of us who are eligible, and willing. And that decision brings us our elected officials. They work for us.

But even more incredible to me about this… is the transition.  Yes there are some of us who will be against a particular vote outcome. We will be crazy angry at an election result where “our” guy didn’t win. We might even vent on Twitter, Facebook, out a window or into the arms of another passionate supporter. Some of us might even shed a tear of joy (or sadness)…

But in the end, the governments we select leaders for will transition. Peacefully. Orderly. Democratically.

No uprisings. No massive riots in the streets. No shadow governments refusing to recognize the duly elected officials (sorry cousin Burr). Nothing. Nothing but a concession phone call to the winning candidate, a congratulations… and boom. A new group of leaders begins its terms as our governing body.

We are not perfect. But we’re not suppose to be. Our mandate is to form a “more perfect union” – not “THE” perfect union. That’s impossible. And that’s actually frightening to think that utopia is even a reality.

We need a little messy democracy. We need imperfect leaders. It shows fallibility – and our leaders must always know they don’ t have all the answers. And sometimes what they thought was an answer, was just a mistake.

Worse Game of Twister…Ever.

Does this lead to problems? Of course it does. If you look at an electorate, you might think we are this amazingly split country – Red States v. Blue States.  The media exasperates this by enhancing this two-party system into Monday Night Football… it’s a game the pits two totally opposing teams, dedicated to “beat” the others and “claim victory.”

That’s not what we just did on November 6, 2012.

What happened was an orderly transition of power. Choices were made based on a ton of factors – some valid, some based on wild claims or spin from the campaigns. Advertising, surveys, polls, focus groups, and good ol “gut feelings.” But these choices changed our govern, not our government.

Our country was founded with flaws. One of my favorite humorists/humanists George Carlin, once said, “This country was founded on a very basic double standard.  This country was founded by slave owners, who wanted to be free.”

Sadly, he was right (RIP, George). But thankfully, what these founding fathers did do right was bet on that “more perfect union.” They rolled the dice and said, “We will strive to be better, not just as individuals, but as a singular nation.”

That’s democracy. The promise of striving for better.

Politics annoys, frustrates, angers, and alienates. Politics also enriches, inspires, enlightens, and unifies.

Just a little thing called Democracy.  ~DK

I’m DK, and I approve this document.

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